The value creation company

The value creation company

Where purpose-led management consulting meets sustainable brand transformation.


Intelligence, delivered

The value creation process

The value creation process

We’re accelerating change through data-driven strategy, originality and credibility.

Firstwater Advisory is an international management consulting company. We work with governments and institutions, businesses and investors to optimise both economic returns and societal impacts.

We do this by combining ethical data with sophisticated analytics, and purpose-led strategy with brand-driven business transformation, closing the ideal-reality gap to secure more holistic, more meaningful and more impactful outcomes for our clients.

With teams in Copenhagen and Dubai, we are a growing network of data scientists, business strategists, change makers and brand architects, who, for the first time, operate in sync to ensure strategy works — for a change.


Global experience, honed expertise

From countries, governments and NGOs to Global Fortune 500s, Blue-chips and conscientious start-ups too.