Accelerating change,
for good.


Equipping leaders with the systems and tools needed to translate ideals into reality.


Why Firstwater?


Firstwater implies clarity. By applying a more transparent and holistic approach to creating value, we declutter the decision-making process.

Resolving the tension between reality and perception, each and every assignment begins and ends with proof.

We define high-growth strategies that positively impact the bottom-line while empowering communities and protecting ecosystems — helping secure more meaningful and more impactful outcomes for business and society.

We’re an international network of experts — data scientists, business strategists, change-makers and brand architects — who, for the first time, operate in sync to ensure strategy works, for a change.

We apply cutting-edge methodologies, techniques, innovations and highly-evolved thinking. Measuring the impact of our work throughout every project.


How do we
deliver value?



Because every organisation must understand its reality, as well as the needs of those touched and influenced.



Because every organisation must have a guiding light to inspire, propel and measure success.



Because every organisation must embrace diversity and nurture creativity to develop innovative solutions.



Because every organisation must hold itself to even greater standards of responsibility, behaviours and outcomes.


⇠   Meaningfulness   ⇢


Because the world’s most successful organisations transcend idealism and realism — co-creating uncompromising net value gain for their stakeholders.


Meet the partners.


Peter Nyitrai

Prior to merger, Peter was a partner at Voluntas Group (Copenhagen), where he built the MEA focused investment and advisory firm.

Peter began his career at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), working across Europe and Central Asia while serving Energy and Utilities, Industrial Goods, Transportation and Financial Sector clients. Before advising the Executive Affairs Authority in Abu Dhabi on infrastructural investment turnarounds.

Peter follows a data-driven, deep-analysis based understanding and a holistic problem-solving approach — balancing across all stakeholders to not only focus on maximising the immediate bottom line but also to achieve long term financial returns. A spin-off of this approach led him to initiate and head BCG’s CEE Social Impact programme together with the World Economic Forum (WEF) where he has been in regular attendance.

Peter holds an MSc (Organisational and Social Psychology) from The London School of Economics and a BSc (Business Administration (Finance)) from Ritsumeikan University in Japan.


Dan Dimmock

For twenty years, Dan has worked with visionary leaders around the world, helping define and nurture innovative and human-centric outcomes.

Dan is a specialist in translating board-mandated strategy into high-performance — equipping clients with new thinking, strategies and tools to help transform vision and ideals into measurable reality.

Dan has worked across an eclectic array of industry sectors, with clients including Arla Foods, Bank of Shanghai, HSBC, PETRONAS, Singapore Police Force, Smith and Nephew, and UOB; as well as the governments of Bhutan, Malaysia, Singapore and UAE.

In addition to extensive brand building experience, Dan has also held principal leadership positions within Omnicom (NYSE: OMC), WPP (LSE: WPP) and Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG) firms.

Dan holds a BSc (Architecture) from UWE Bristol, and has completed executive leadership programmes at Stanford University and the University of San Francisco.


Our network partners.


Elliott Brown

Elliott is co-founder of Moloobhoy & Brown (Dubai), 
our award-winning creative partner.

Elliott’s journey started in the North of England, where he followed a love for design to London, first studying at Kingston University, before joining Red Stone — where he developed creative for the BBC, BT and NSPCC (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children), to name but a few.

After several years in London, Elliott joined FITCH (WPP) in Dubai — where he helped create some of the most recognised identities across the region. His grounding for building successful design teams took form as Design Director at The Tribe. In 2012, the opportunity to put his name above the door came about when, alongside creative partner Hussain Moloobhoy, M&B was born.

Elliott holds a BA Honours degree (Graphic Design) from Kingston University, 
and is an active member of iSTD (International Society of Typographic Designers).